Georgia is an ancient region of viticulture and a classical wine-making country. It is the center of the rich genofond of cultured grape varieties (according to the literature, about 500 varieties) characterized by a high concentration of dominant genes.
The genofond of the Georgian grape varieties contains some valuable characteristics and qualities which can be successfully used in practice.
The Georgian grape varieties are characterized by indicators of harmonious accumulation of chemicals in grape berries, predetermining the yield of high-quality table, naturally sweet and dessert wines as well as brandy wine material.
The genes of the Georgian varieties make them resistant to rotting and fungus diseases. High biological flexibility and stable genetic specificity are typical of many Georgian varieties (Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Mtsvane Kakhuri.,Goruli Mtsvane).
The ancient farming culture of the Georgian people (the year four thousand B.C.) contributed to morphogenesis of the cultured gape. In the Middle Ages Georgia became a country having a developed agriculture, with viticulture rising to a higher level and getting the industrial importance. Wine became an export commodity. Vineyard attendance methods and wine-making process were being improved.
So, long before the European influence, original methods of vineyard attendance were developed (planting, placing poles, trellising, pruning, green operations) and the local culture grape range includes over 500 names.
Later, as a result of people's centuries-old selection, renowned high-quality high-yielding varieties which are well-adapted to the local conditions were produced.
Being guided by the quality-above-all principle, our company initially staked on purchase of land and laying out so-called pure (without industrial varieties) vineyards, which ensures the best grapes quality control. To ensure quality of vineyards over a longer term, in 2000 the company purchased planting stock facilities (greenhouses, nursery) which, upon re-equipment, yield up to 1.5 million young plants per year. At present, Kindzmaraulis Marani owns up to 500 hectares of lands, including 435 hectares under vineyards and about 50 hectares used for services lines and as the winery area. Noteworthy is that the company with the assistance of specialists from the Institute of Viticulture and Viniculture of Georgia created a unique, in its own way, collection vineyard (2 hectares) on the territory adjoining the winery in the Kindzmarauli microzone, where up to 300 Georgian local grape varieties which are preserved to the present day are planted. To protect the vines against various diseases, the company uses high-quality preparations of German firm Bayer.
A great contribution to creation and development of the company's vineyards is made by Givi Sesiashvili, one of the well-known specialists in Georgia, hereditary agronomist. The company cultivates the following grape varieties:
1. Rkatsiteli (white)
2. Kakhetian Mtsvane(white)
3. Kisi (white)
4. Khikhvi(white)
5. Rose Muscat(Rose)
6. Saperavi ( red)
7. Kabernet Sauvignon( red)
8. Budeshuri(red)
9. Otskhanuri Sapere(red)

1. One of the Georgian ancient vine varieties is Saperavi, which in translated from Georgian as coloring agent. The place of origin of Saperavi is Kakheti. The vine got its name due to coloring agents contained in the grape berries. Saperavi is the best representative in the world range of red wine grape varieties. Saperavi grape is used for production of the best Georgian wine brands such as red dry, semidry, naturally semisweet, fortified wines. Our company uses the Saperavi variety blended with Kabernet to make red semisweet wine "Alazani Valley", blended with Budeshuri - for production of red dry wine "Kvareli", red dry wines "Saperavi" and "Mukuzani" as well as red naturally semisweet wine "Alazani".

2. Kakhuri Mtsvane (which means 'green" in Georgian) is one of the best white grape varieties. This variety is mostly grown in Kakheti, and the origin of the vine is the Manavi micro-region. The main advantage of young wine made of this grape variety is its remarkable intense and very pleasant variety aroma, which invariably allows it to act as refiner of white wines.
Our company uses Mtsvane for production of white dry wine "Manavi"; it is also blended with Khikhvi and Kisi to get white dry wine "Kvareli".

3. Rkatsitekli (which is translated from Georgian as red vine) is the most valuable and widely spread variety of the Georgian grapes. The place of origin of Rkatsiteli is Kakheti. Rkatsiteli plays a universal role in wine-making. Many Georgian wines are made by blending it with Mtsvane and other varieties. It is also used as raw material for production of best Georgian brandies. Our company uses Rkatsiteli for making white dry wine "Gurjaani", and by blending it with the varieties of Khivi, Kisi and Kakhetian Mtsvane, the company makes white dry wines "Tsinandali", "Kvareli", "Manavi" and white semisweet wine "Alazani Valley".

4. Budeshuri Tsiteli (Budeshuri Red) is one of the best Georgian red grape varieties. The color of the berries is dark pink. The taste is pleasant, harmonious, pleasantly fresh. It is characterized by high yield, comparatively early ripening. Budeshuri Tsiteli is highly resistant to fungus diseases. Bunches of grapes and berries are beautiful; it has a comparatively high keeping capacity and low yield of solid remainder (stems, skin, seeds). Our company blends Budeshuri with Saperavi to produce red dry wine "Kvareli".

5. Kabernet Sauvignon is a high-quality wine grape variety of the beginning of the third ripening period. It is included in the Georgian regional standard range of grapes for production of red wines. The variety is well adapted to the environmental conditions - it is resistant to fungus diseases, winter frost, drought, berry rotting in rainy autumn. Additionally, the positive characteristics of Kabernet Sauvignon is the high quality of obtained product fit for various types of wines. Our company blends Kabernet Sauvignon with Saperavi to produce red semisweet wine "Alazani Valley".

6. Otskhanuri Sapere is a late-ripening grape variety. It is used for making red wines. It is great for coloring white wines and intensifying the color of low-colored wines. Otskhanuri wines are notable for the deep dark garnet color, pleasant variety aroma, freshness, and soft harmonious taste. Otskhanauris Sapere are notable for high resistance to fungus diseases and berry rotting and, of course, high quality of wine.

7. Kisi is a wonderful variety of white Georgian grapes. Along with the white varieties such as Khikhvi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane , both pure and mixed, it greatly contributed to the fame of the wines of Akhmeta, Kistauri, Ruispiri and Okalto. Kisi yields high-quality products; it is good for making various types of wines - Kakhetian, European, naturally semisweet, dessert wines. The wine made of the Kisi grape has a light-straw color with a golden tint, pleasant variety aroma, soft harmonious taste. Our company blends Kisi with Khikhvi, Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli to produce white semisweet wine "Alazani Valley" and white dry wine "Kvareli".

8. Khikhvi is one of the best Georgian white grape varieties yielding high-quality products; it can be used for making various types of wines. Khikhvi is highly resistant to winter frost. It is an early-ripening grape variety. The wine made of it has a light-golden color, original variety aroma and soft harmonious taste. Our company blends Khikhvi with Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Kisi varieties to produce white semisweet wine "Alazani Valley", white dry wine "Kvareli" and white dry Kakhetian type wine " Samepo Kakhuri " which is an exclusive brand of our company.

Purchase of land and laying out vineyards were implemented with the assistance and advice of experts from the Institute of Wine-Growing and Wine-Making of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. The priorities are as follows:

1. Wine-making Value of Land Plots
a) Soil
b) Geographic situation

2. Climatic Characteristics
a) Temperature conditions
b) Atmospheric precipitation
c) Length of drought period
d) Hail Periods and Intensity
e) Frost Period
f) Wind Rose

3 Plans for Planting of Each Individual Grape Variety
4. Purity of Varieties of Vine Seedlings

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The company has participated in various international competitions
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The company has participated in various international competitions and has received two "Grand Pri"
The current range of products of Kindzmarauli Marani includes over
26 brands of high-quality wines, including red dry and white dry
The current range of products of Kindzmarauli Marani includes over 26 brands of high-quality wines, including red dry and white dry "Samepo Kakhuri" (Kakhetian Royal)
Modern wine-making, is the powerful branch of industry, which based
on the newest achievements of the technology and science.
Modern wine-making, is the powerful branch of industry, which based on the newest achievements of the technology and science.