About the Company
In Georgia's most famous wine-making and Viticulture region, Kakheti, there is a small place, Kindzmarauli, which the renowned Georgian wine derived its name from. Its situation at the foot of the Caucasian mountains, in the Alazani Valley determines its special natural and climatic conditions. It is this place where our history, the history of the Kindzmarauli Marani (Kindzmarauli Wine-Cellar) company, began in the symbolic year 2000.

From the very beginning the company choose a strategy of development involving full control over the entire technological process ( from wine seed to wine). In particular, it was planned at the initial stage to purchase land to lay out vineyards with the Georgian best grape varieties. The basic part of the project was purchasing the land of the former Kindzmarauli farm, which initially gave the company the right to make and bottle one of the grandees of the Georgian wine - Kindzmarauli. Later, the company's vineyard asset increased to include Kvareli, one of the best micro-regions of Kakheti in terms of climatic and soil characteristics, where, the basic part of the Kindzmarauli micro-zone is located. To acquire the rights to bottle the Mukuzani, Tsinandali wines, the company bought land plots in Kakhetia's micro-zones corresponding to the names of the said wines. At present, the company owns up to 500 hectares of land, including 435 hectares under vineyards and about 40 hectares used for service lines and as winery area.
Along with it, in 2003, the company laid the foundation for construction of a winery and completed that project by the end of 2005. At present, the winery is not only equipped with modern technology but also arouses admiration due to its design. The winery has a laboratory allowing for making any necessary analyses (chemical, microbiological) both of wine and wine juice and water. The winery has high-quality 15000-decalitre-capacity oak casks where the best brands of the Georgian red wines are being aged. The production capacity is the processing of 5 thousand tons of grapes.
Thus, by the end of the five years of hard work in 2005, the company processed its own grapes for the first time and got 70, 000 decalitres of high-quality product. The current range of products of Kindzmarauli Marani includes over 23 brands of high-quality wines, including red dry "Samepo Kakhuri" (Kakhetian Royal), white dry Samepo Kakhuri" (Kakhetian Royal)and naturally red semi sweet “Kindzmarauli Original” are an exclusive brands of our company that developed its production process using the ancient Kakhetian grape varieties and traditions of viniculture. The technical specification is developed for this product and approved by the National Wine Agency of Georgia.

For the years of its activity at international exhibitions - tastings the company was awarded with the highest awards, including two "Grand prix"